Biscuit Link

A PHP framework for people who do not want to waste time.

So you want to PHP?

Biscuit Link was built to allow for anyone to get into PHP. You may need to learn the basics first, but it is not a requirement.

Simply follow the tutorials provided and you will up and running.

Develop and release

Many of the challenges new developers face today is the fact they have no idea how to create their first development and release cycle. Biscuit Link was built in this in mind.

The framework provides you with the right tools to start developing straight away using industry standards for development. This includes a already pre-configured Vagrant box which runs an Nginx web server ready to handle the framework. All the hard-work is done for you!

We want you to get your keyboard out vagrant up and start coding!

Feel free to contribute

Biscuit Link is a relatively new PHP framework, far from maturity level (although production ready!). We encourage you to come and contribute to the future development.

Biscuit Link is fully open-source and free to use by everyone!

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