Elements in Biscuit Link are essentially what we call smart Templates. They are usually small parts of your pages which need a bit more logic.

Elements can be added to your templates using the addElement() function of the Template class.

You are advised to keep your created elements inside the elements/ folder in your root directory. To keep your application organised.

Creating an Element

Elements should extend the abstract class Element. Elements require to have the getString() function.

class MyElement extends Element
    private $data = null;

    public function setData($data)
        $this->data = $data;

    public function getString()
        return $this->data;

Biscuit comes with some examples for elements. See elements/HelloElement.php for a coded example with variables.

Templates in Elements

You are advised to create elements using templates to keep the integrity of your application consistent.

A good place to keep your element template files is the templates/elements/ folder.

See Templates to learn more.

To be continued...