You must have Vagrant and Virtual Box installed on your machine in order to be able to run this box.

The Folder Structure

- Project Name/
  - vagrant-box/
  - website/
  - config/

You need to create the main folder Project Name. The sub-folders will be created during the setup. The last sub-folder (config/) is optional: You may want to include configuration for your project which can be loaded in when your application boots up.

Set Up

Follow the following steps in order to get your box running as soon as possible:

  1. Into the terminal, select the main folder Project Name, and clone the two repositories for Buiscuit Link:

    cd Project Name
    git clone website
    git clone
  2. Once your folder structure is done all you gotta do is go to the vagrant-box sub-folder, and vagrant up. Your box should install all the needed dependencies.

    cd vagrant-box
    vagrant up
  3. Biscuit Link has been written from the ground up to support the latest PHP technologies, therefore, we use Composer. Composer is automatically installed when your box is set-up, however, your project does not automatically fetch all the dependencies.

    3.1. Into the same sub-folder (vagrant-box), run vagrant ssh which should now bring up the shell for your box.

    vagrant ssh

    3.2. Since your website sub-folder is in /var/www/website, change into the folder using cd /var/www/website and then run composer install. The dependencies should now be built successfully!

    cd /var/www/website
    composer install


You are ready to go!! -> http://localhost:4848